2 Steps to Take Before Starting a Food Truck

Invest in a good truck.

” If you have the startup capital, start building your truck on a newer, well-maintained vehicle. Your business will constantly be at the mercy of the mechanical soundness of your truck. Treat it with care, and give it lots of preventative maintenance. When your truck goes down, you have to deal with the expense of fixing it, in addition to not being able to be open for business during those days the truck is in the shop. ” – Adam Sobel, founder, of The Cinnamon Snail and author, Street Vegan (Clarkson Potter, 2015). of

Consider your potential customers.

Consider who your target market will be before starting a food truck, as this is an essential step. Whom will your meal appeal to? Perhaps you already have a certain dish in mind that you want to serve. What age group are you aiming for? These inquiries can assist you in making other crucial food truck decisions, such as what your truck’s style and design should be, where you should park it to reach your target audience, etc. — Megan Marrs, publisher of the Boston Food Truck Blog and its creator

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